Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankgsiving Ideas!

I'm vacillating between making some epic awesomeness that would make Martha drool, or going as simply as possible this Thanksgiving.

I typically go for the as-simple-as-possible routine, but I saw this picture today which has the potential of throwing a giant wrench into the entire easy machine.
photo by: the bitten
I know, huh?  Pretty ridiculous.  And it wouldn't be difficult except I'll have to make homemade gluten free chocolate graham crackers for the crust.

It must be done.

Also, I'm perfecting a cashew cheese that I love and will share with you tomorrow or Wednesday.  It changed my life when I had it in Los Angeles at Real Food Daily.  Their vegan mac and cheese is the most amazing thing ever.  On La Cienega, if you happen to wander around those stomping grounds.  Look it up, but good luck with parking.

So this week, something simple something complex.  Something of an old favorite and something of a brand new one.

Then I also saw a cashew coconut oil cheesecake...

Coming soon....


  1. Mmm...that looks yummy!

    I found your site through your guest post on Money Saving Mom. I did a double take at the end of the article when I read that you live in Astoria, because I'm in Seaside! What a small world it is. :)

  2. Sonja, I love the RFD cashew cheese! I'm addicted to their Nachos. Can't wait for you to post that recipe.