Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daily Food Journal Day 2: Oct 23, 2010

Kept it simple with apple slices, celery, peanut butter and honey drizzled over it.  Hey, it's Saturday, I need a break.  And the kids loved it.
Breakfast of champions

Rice with Beans and sauteed veggies.
Still steaming...


Kids skipped the veggies.
The veggies were a montage of in season produce I had around the house from a friend who hooked me up at a local grower.
Can you believe the fresh goodness?
So I sauteed in a tablespoon oil, onions, zucchini, tomatoes,  yellow squash, garlic carrots that had been lightly steamed, celery, and cabbage.  When soft, I served over rice and beans.

Rice and beans are a staple in our diet.  It keeps this diet frugal and it creates a complete protein.  Also, cabbage is a staple.  I usually chop it up and serve it raw over a steaming rice bowl.  It adds a bunch of vitamins and a satisfying crunch.

Yellow Vegetarian Thai Curry

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