Saturday, October 9, 2010

Honey Marshmallows

I have been fascinated and intimidated by the making of marshmallows for years.  It all begin with my late nineties obsession with Martha Stewart.  I tried to make her treats but lacked the kitchen aid stand mixer that really should have been a parting gift to Eve when she got booted out of the garden.
But as an eternal example of God's grace, I now have a free standing Kitchen Aid mixer and so I am able to make marshmallows.
This is really great news since we've cut out processed sugar and had to switch to honey.  I found a recipe that uses only honey, gelatin, small amounts of powdered sugar, salt and vanilla. After reading stories online, I got nervous.  Everyone talked about the mess, the strings, the sticky goo that gets everywhere.

Visions filled my head with a cross between "The Blob" and an episode of "I Love Lucy" gone horrible wrong.  I was beginning to think this was maybe not the best idea. 
But my love of marshmallows took over and I took the plunge.
It really wasn't hard.
A few tricks:
  • Line your 8x8 pan with wax paper or parchment, and oil it well.
  • Oil your spatula when you scrape out the bowl
  • Don't stick your fingers in to taste
  • DON'T stick your fingers in to taste...
  • and don't forget to keep your fingers out of the tasting bowl
 Healthy Honey Marshmallow Recipe from Green Diva Mom

By the way, I subbed the sugar/cinnamon mixture she uses for powdered sugar.

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